Shopping tips during COVID-19

23 March 2020 / Posted in Be FoodWise
Shopping With AMC

We all need to buy our essential groceries at the shops. Keep these tips in mind for your next shopping trip.

  1. Wash your hands
    Yes, you've heard this tip one thousand times, but here it is once more. The best way to avoid contracting COVID-19 is still washing your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap for 20 seconds. If you are going to do the shopping, make washing your hands the last thing you do before leaving your home, and the first thing you do upon returning home. 
  2. Go early
    Grocery stores are at their cleanest and most stocked at the start of the day. Not only does going early lessen your interaction with others, but it also helps to ensure you get the products you want.
  3. Avoid open food bars
    Skip the prepared food section. These food bars are easily exposed to airborne particles, not to mention everyone touching the same utensil when choosing their food. 
  4. Be prepared
    Make a list of what you need. This will allow you to limit your time in the store, limiting your risk of picking up any contagions. It will also limit you to buying what you intended, and not stocking up on unhealthy snacks or comfort food.
  5. Go alone
    Shopping with kids is difficult enough without Covid-19. If at all possible, leave the kids at home. The more people in a store, the higher the risk.
  6. Limit touching
    Be deliberate and mindful while you shop and make use of your shopping list. Limiting the number of items you handle puts you at less risk.
  7. Avoid panic buying
    Be mindful and courteous of others who are also shopping for their own families. Buy what you need and nothing more. We are all in this together. Even over the lockdown period, grocery stores will remain open if you need to buy more essentials.



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