Sets or Individual Units

Do you want to buy AMC, but you're not sure where to start? Your family and your lifestyle are good indicators to help you decide. You can buy a ready made cookware set, individual cookware units, or create your own unique set out of the pots and pans that your kitchen needs. With a variety of sizes and capacities to choose from as well as the added  benefit of being oven-friendly, there is sure to be an AMC product to suit your cooking needs.

There is a very strong perception that when buying AMC cookware, you can only buy it as a set of cookware. This is definitely not true! You have the choice to buy either a set (and these come in a wide range of sizes), or simply one or two individual units. It’s up to you.

A set is definitely more cost effective than buying all the individual items of cookware that make it up. But if you first want to test out the cookware, or if it’s not your buying style to make one big purchase, then by all means slowly create your own set of AMC by buying individual units. 

Alternatively, if you already own a set of AMC you could definitely add to this in the future by buying one or two other individual units - you can never go wrong with AMC!