General FAQ

How does AMC retain moisture & nutrients?

AMC is designed to prepare food below the boiling point of water, thereby preserving the moisture, vitamins and minerals in the food that normally get destroyed by excessive heat. 

I’m allergic to aluminium - can I still use AMC?

AMC cookware is manufactured from the highest grade surgical stainless steel. Although the base contains aluminium - it is completely encapsulated by the stainless steel. Through our unique design, it is not possible for the aluminium in the base to come into contact with food cooked in the unit, and neither can the aluminium affect the stainless steel or penetrate it’s surrounding layer. The aluminium in the base serves to give our product it’s heat retention properties, nothing else. Therefore I can safely say that AMC is the right choice of cookware for someone allergic to aluminium.

What are these UNITS you speak of? I want POTS!

A fine question. AMC Cookware offers state of the art, high quality utensils used in the preparation of food. For this reason at AMC, we prefer not to refer to our products as pots, a word also used to describe a number of things or substances, but rather as units, a word we feel more apt for our product. 

Can I put AMC in the dishwasher?

Yes, most AMC cookware is safe to clean in the dishwasher, although we recommend using regular dish washing powder and salts as opposed to the “all-in-one” solutions. The base of our older ranges of cookware, those with a non-encapsulated aluminium base, can over a length of time become degraded by washing in the dishwasher.

Electrified units and the Speedcooker® lid should never be washed in the dishwasher.

Can I use AMC in an oven?

The classic AMC designed cookware (black handles) cannot be used inside the oven due to the Bakelite handles. However, the AMC Gourmet Range, launched in 2011, features stainless steel handles and can be used in the oven, without the lid. This allows you to round off your meals with a delicious grill in the oven, if your recipe calls for this. 

Can I use AMC on gas?

Yes, AMC is safe to use on gas, but remember to still work on medium to low temperatures. Don’t allow the flame to pass the base of the unit as it can burn or mark the sides of the cookware and melt the handles. 

How long will my AMC cookware last?

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our cookware, provided they are used in accordance with the care and cleaning instructions available in the AMC recipe book or Use & Care leaflet that you will receive with your cookware. By following this guide, your cookware will provide you years of faultless service and satisfaction.

What sizes does your cookware come in?

AMC offers a wide range of cookware units in a variety of sizes. The smallest unit diameter is 16 cm with a 1,1 litre capacity, up to our largest unit which is 40 cm in diameter with a 32 litre capacity. Please browse our products for the entire range of cookware we offer. 

What are these stains on my cookware?

Although stainless steel is very easy to clean, you may sometimes notice stain-like marks on your cookware. These can be prevented or easily removed if looked after. These stains won’t affect the performance of your cookware. 

  • Watermarks can be wiped with a damp cloth, then buffed with a soft cloth to restore the original shine.
  • Rainbow-coloured or white cloudy stains can appear on the inside of cookware when starchy foods have been cooked (rice, potatoes etc.) This is normal and not due to negligence or misuse. To remove the stains, pour a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar in the clean cookware. Wipe with a paper towel or cloth, then rinse and dry. 
  • Straw or golden coloured stains form if the cookware has been overheated. These are more difficult to remove. Try cleaning with Classic Cleaner or a non-abrasive cleaning paste and a soft sponge. Don’t scratch the stainless steel and never use steel wool when attempting to remove a mark.
Where can I find an AMC Consultant?

 We have AMC Sales Centres and Consultants throughout South Africa. Find your nearest AMC Sales Centre here

Is this rust on my AMC knives?

Our Edge knives, Steak knives and Impression Cutlery table knives are made from a type of stainless steel with a carbon content. This enables knives to be hardened and makes it strong and adds the "spring"feature. All knife blades need these features. Our cutlery itself is made from the same stainless steel as the cookware. If you use a dishwasher or hand wash your knives and they are not dried completely, small marks can form that look almost like rust. This is very easily removed by wiping with a soft cloth or sponge and AMC Classic Cleaner. This is also not unique to AMC products, it can happen with all knives due to the carbon added to the steel.

Speedcooker FAQ

Is the AMC Speedcooker safe?

Using the AMC Speedcooker® or ElectroSpeed® is perfectly safe, provided you follow the operating instructions correctly. Before using the Speedcooker for the first time it is essential that your read the instructions in the leaflet carefully.

The AMC Speedcooker® and Electrospeed® has 4 safety features:
  1. Safety valve: red button to open and close the Speedcooker®.  It releases the pressure rapidly through two steam outlets on either side of the valve if there is excess pressure build-up.
  2. Extra metal valve on the inside of the lid. This valve lets air out on the sides of the black cover on top of the lid, creating a whistling sound.
  3. Extra rubber valve on the lid. This pushes out of its operating position should the previous 2 safety features be blocked. This valve will pop up revealing a red ring. If this happens the unit must be sent to the factory for inspection.
  4. Final safety device on the rim of the Speedcooker® lid. This ensures that if an excessive amount of pressure should build up in the unit, the rubber sealing ring will automatically pop out of the opening in the rim of the lid and release the pressure.
In addition, the stainless steel used in the manufacture of the Speedcooker® is thicker than our regular cookware.
What can I cook in the AMC Speedcooker?

The AMC Speedcooker® and Electrospeed® save you time as it reduces cooking time by two-thirds. It can also help you save money as you are able to cook less expensive cuts of meats and pulses with excellent results. 

The Speedcooker® is ideal for cooking foods that usually take a long time such as tripe & trotters, samp & beans, lamb curries, tongue, corned beef etc. It’s also great for cooking food in a hurry, such as rice or barley, or firm vegetables like gem squash, beetroot and artichokes. And it’s a lifesaver for busy moms who need to prepare everyday meals within 30 minutes. 

Why is the Speedcooker rubber sealing ring so important?

The Rubber Sealing Ring plays an essential role in the functioning of the AMC Speedcooker® and ensures your Speedcooker® builds sufficient pressure inside the unit. For best results we recommend that customers replace their Rubber Sealing Ring every year. A new Rubber Sealing Ring may be purchased from any AMC Sales Centre or online.

Why is my AMC Speedcooker not building pressure?

If you are struggling with a Speedcooker® that won't build pressure, check that at least a cup (250 ml) of water or liquid is used during cooking. Also check the condition of the Rubber Sealing Ring and Cooking Indicator.  A worn Rubber Seal and clogged Cooking Indicator Valve is usually the main culprit when it comes to Speedcooker® problems. Ensure the Rubber Sealing Ring is new or in good condition and that the Cooking Indicator is clean.


What is the cooking indicator?

The cooking indicator is found on the lid of your Speedcooker®  and allows you to easily cook various foods at their ideal pressure. The indicator rises as the pressure increases inside your Speedcooker®.

  • Red ring - red meat, legumes, beans & pulses (no need to pre-soak pulses) 
  • Yellow ring - fish & poultry
  • Green ring - vegetables & pasta


How do I clean the cooking indicator valve?

It’s important to clean the Cooking Indicator Valve on a regular basis, or at least once a month depending on the type of cooking and frequency of use.

To do this:

  • Unscrew the brass cap on the inside of the lid and remove the red pin.
  • Allow hot water to run over the opening by keeping the lid in an upside down position. Use a drop of dishwashing liquid and small brush inside the valve to ensure any sticky residue is properly cleaned, and that the movement of the red pin is not impeded. 
  • Place the red pin back in the opening after cleaning and ensure that the O-ring (small, red rubber ring) is in its original position before the brass cap is screwed on again.
Why is water dripping from the unit or handle?

When water drips from the Speedcooker® or handle, it may be due to the following:

  • The Rubber Sealing Ring is worn  and must be replaced.
  • The Cooking Indicator is clogged with food and needs to be cleaned.
  • The Speedcooker® has been overfilled. See Speedcooker® leaflet for guidelines.
  • Excessive heat has been used. We always recommend medium to low temperatures.
  • The Speedcooker® lid is not aligned correctly. Remove lid and try re-align. A lid that is not aligned properly also causes the Red Safety Valve to malfunction.
What to do if the black safety valve on the lid has popped

Where the black Safety Valve on the Speedcooker® lid pops, or a problem with the Cooking Indicator or Red Safety Valve (Lid Lock) persists, the unit must be returned for repair to the Factory.

Electrified Cookware FAQ

How does the AMC Probe work?

The AMC Probe functions in a similar way to an oven. When it is plugged in and the power is on, the red light will shine to indicate power is on. This light will stay on during cooking. Once you turn the AMC Probe to a certain heat setting, the green light should also shine to indicate that it is heating up. This will switch off when the desired temperature has been reached.

It is important to note when AMC electrified cookware is used for the first time, you may notice slight smoking from the socket area. Do not be alarmed. This is a protective oil used in the manufacturing  process that burns off after the first use.

We always recommend the use of medium to low temperatures when cooking with AMC. On the AMC Probe 6 is a good medium setting, this can then be reduced to the simmer setting on the Probe when required.

Why does my electricity trip?

These are a few possible reasons why your electricity could be tripping when you've plugged in your electrical unit: 

  • Moisture in the prong & socket area. Water can sometimes seep into the capsule when washed, even if socket was not in the water. Ensure the unit is dry before cooking.
  • An overload of the electrical circuit. There are too many electrical items plugged in. Unplug some items and try again.
  • A faulty wall socket.
  • A faulty or damaged Probe. If you suspect this, please have it checked at your nearest AMC Sales Centre.
  • A faulty Element. If you suspect this, please have it checked at your nearest AMC Sales Centre.
  • If you haven't used your electrified cookware for a long time, the element may have become damp during storage. You might find that after tripping the power the first time, the unit is now working correctly. If not, please return it to your nearest AMC Sales Centre so that we can check the Element and Probe.
What is this crackling noise?

When cooking with electrified AMC cookware you may hear a slight crackling noise. This is caused by metal expansion and is normal. 

How do I clean my electric cookware?

When washing your AMC electrified cookware it’s preferable that the socket area is never fully immersed in water. It’s also advised that you rather wait until the unit is completely dry before cooking in it again. Otherwise clean as you would other cookware; dishwashing soap, warm water and a soft sponge.

The AMC Probe must never be immersed in water - rather wipe with a damp cloth if required.

AMC Flux Induction Cooker FAQ

What is an induction hob?

An induction hob uses electro-magnetic energy to transfer heat directly to the cookware in contact with its surface. This is unlike traditional stoves where the stove plate is first heated ands then the cookware. This direct and instant transfer of heat means your cookware is heated faster and less electricity is used.

How is the AMC Flux different from other induction stoves?

The AMC Flux has been specially calibrated to work well with AMC cookware. Most induction hobs have very high temperature settings, but not low settings too which can be problematic with AMC. When cooking with AMC cookware it is always best to use medium to low temperatures, and on the AMC Flux it is possible to do so.

Will all AMC cookware units work on the Flux?

Induction cooking only works with cookware that has magnetic properties. The latest range of AMC cookware (since New Generation launched in April 2009) is compatible on induction stovetops and on the AMC Flux - indicated with an i on the base. All previous ranges of AMC will not work on the AMC Flux. The AMC Synergy range is also induction friendly.

Any other magnetic stainless steel, cast iron or enamelled flat bottom pots should also work on an AMC Flux. Cookware manufactured from heat resistant glass, aluminium, copper or ceramic material as well as pots with a rounded base will not work on an induction hob. Very small pots, those with a diameter less than 12 cm, can also not be used on the AMC Flux.

My Flux is showing an overheating error or my food is not cooking

If your AMC Flux is showing an overheating error and you have not been cooking on it for long, or left something very hot cooking or standing on the Flux (i.e. it should not have overheated in that time). Or if you have been cooking on the Flux but the food is not cooked during a specific time (i.e. "I cooked potatoes for 2 hours on P5 and it still wasn't cooked through”). Please first check the following:

When the Flux is turned on, can you hear the fan running? If there is only silence, the fan could have come unplugged during transport and the Flux must be sent back to the factory for inspection and repair.

Flux error codes

The AMC Flux will detect if there is a fault and display this on screen as an error code.

Display             Fault detected

E0                   Main PCB at fault.
E1                   No cookware on surface, or cookware not suitable for induction.
E2                   Supply voltage too low.
E3                   Supply voltage too high.
E4                   Heat sensor faulty.
E5                   IC on PCB error.
E6                   Over current protection.
E7                   IGBT error.
E8                   Surface over heated.
E9                   IGBT over heated.

Your Flux guarantee

The AMC Flux is guaranteed for 1 year.  

Accidental damage to the Flux is not covered by the guarantee. A Flux with a cracked surface, beading that has popped out or one that has been dropped, falls under accidental damage.

If a Flux has been damaged or has stopped working correctly but is not under guarantee anymore, it can be sent to the AMC factory for repair. A Flux may be received for repair once the standard repair cost of R615 is received upfront, when the Flux is handed in at an AMC Sales Centre. There is no 50% replacement policy for the AMC Flux. There is a 3 month guarantee on Flux repairs.
How much power does the AMC Flux draw and can I use it with a solar system?

You need to have a system that can deliver 1.8kw for the flux to operate correctly. Anything less than 1.8kw and there will be a risk that you trip the system. However one of the amazing advantages of the AMC flux is that as you lower the power setting it draws less power. On setting 5 (medium heat) the Flux uses 1128 watt. This is significant as it draws less power. A normal stove on a low setting reduces heat due by limiting the time that it's on. So a stove will draw 1800w for say 30 seconds then draw no power for 30 seconds and 1800w for 30 seconds etc. Where the flux will actually draw less power the entire time, this is advantageous for a solar type set up.

Service FAQ

What is covered under your lifetime guarantee?

We offer our customers a lifetime guarantee on our cookware. You do not need an invoice or proof of purchase for this guarantee to be effective. Lid knobs, handles, electric probes and other elements of our cookware are not covered by the lifetime guarantee. Please visit our lifetime guarantee page for more information. 

Will I ever need to pay for repairs?

The AMC lifetime guarantee is very comprehensive and guarantees our cookware against any manufacturing defects. However, should your cookware become damaged due to misuse or negligence, then replacement or related costs will be at your expense. 

What is direct selling?

Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Essentially this means that anyone who represents our company can sell to anyone in their personal or professional network and earn commission on their sales activity. AMC offers training and sales material to assist our consultants to market our products. 

Direct selling is an age old method of distribution which in it’s current form, offers individuals an opportunity to represent a company and it’s products and earn an income in either a part time or full time capacity. It may take the form of a party plan or group demonstration, one-on-one demonstration, or more recently via the internet.  Join AMC today.