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Repairs for AMC Cookware

11 November 2020 / Posted in AMC Products

If you have damaged your pots and pans or are experiencing a problem with your AMC cookware, visit your nearest AMC Distribution Centre and they will assist by sending it to the AMC factory. 

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Savoury Filled French Toast

9 November 2020 / Posted in Breakfast & brunch

French toast is a favourite for both breakfast or brunch. We've played around with this favourite by creating a savoury french toast sandwich.

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Chilli Con Carne

27 October 2020 / Posted in Easy meals

This is a great meal for a casual get together and you can serve it in numerous ways - all equally delicious.

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Filled French Toast

20 October 2020 / Posted in Breakfast & brunch

A slight twist on simple french toast makes a decadent option for breakfast or brunch.

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Why do you have stains and marks on your AMC Cookware?

15 October 2020 / Posted in AMC Products

Occasionally marks or stains may appear on your AMC cookware and you may wonder why. Is it a fault with the product or is it normal?

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Cooking eggs in AMC

6 October 2020 / Posted in Easy meals

Cooking eggs in AMC is not only possible, it's really easy too! Using less fats and oils means it's also healthier and cleaning up is a breeze.

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