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Chocolate fudge brownies

10 February 2020 / Posted in Sweets

There is nothing more decadent than a chocolate fudge brownie. Brownies are the best of both worlds, your favourite chocolate cake with a soft biscuit-like texture. If you're daring, be extra decadent and top with our chocolate sauce.

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Summer satay kebabs

23 December 2019 / Posted in Easy meals

This recipe is a great way to entertain as it’s not a lot of work. The sauce can be prepared in advance and the meat can be skewered an hour or so before the meal too. Satay is a typical Indonesian dish, with tender strips of meat, chicken, fish or even seafood; skewered, pan-fried and then served with an aromatic peanut butter and coconut milk sauce.

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Smoked snoek pate

10 December 2019 / Posted in Snacks Vegetables & sides

Are you having friends and family over and you need a simple starter? Smoked snoek pâté is a South African favourite that you can make at home in just a few steps.

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Roasted tomato, herb and Chevin couscous

5 December 2019 / Posted in Salads Vegetables & sides

Couscous is such an easy ingredient to prepare. Add some slow roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs and chevin cheese and you have a simple but flavour packed side, perfect for your next dinner.

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Layered ice cream cake

1 November 2019 / Posted in Festive foods Sweets

If you want to impress your guests this festive season, without spending much time in the kitchen, then this is the recipe to have up your sleeves. Everyone loves ice cream and it’s the perfect dessert for the festive season ahead of us. 

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Mexican mince in tortillas

28 October 2019 / Posted in Easy meals

Mince is one of those very versatile ingredients – whether you like to turn it into a bolognese, burger patties, lasagne or meat balls, it’s always a family favourite. 

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