If you have damaged your pots and pans or are experiencing a problem with your cookware, visit your nearest AMC Distribution Centre and they will assist by sending it to the AMC factory. Here your cookware will be inspected and repaired if needed. Should you need feedback regarding your cookware repair, one of our service agents will contact you.

Our cookware is covered by a lifetime guarantee, so faulty material or workmanship is replaced free of charge. However the guarantee only applies to our cookware. For our full guarantee, please view this page. This list below gives you an overview of our guarantee:

The following is included under our guarantee:

  • A lifetime guarantee on all cookware - this means there is no time limit.
  • The finest surgical stainless steel is used.
  • All materials are rust proof.
  • Faulty material or workmanship is replaced free of charge.

Excluded under the guarantee:

  • Damage - for example, dropping a unit or forgetting it on a hot stove for a long time.
  • Not following the Use & Care instructions.
The guarantee also excludes some parts which will get worn such as:
  • Visiotherms®.
  • Electrical components like probes or elements.
  • Moving parts or bakelite or nylon components like the Speedcooker handle, Urn Tap, and our previous range of bakelite handles.
Our guarantee on other items:
If your AMC Flux is not working and it’s not under the 1 year guarantee, it can be repaired at a fee of R550. Please hand your Flux in at your nearest AMC Distribution Centre to have it sent to the factory for repair. If there is no Distribution Centre near you, contact Customer Service for support regarding this.
Most of our out of guarantee replacements can be handled at your AMC Distribution Centre. Please view our list of Distribution Centres here

Tel: 0861 111 262


I would just like to thank you for the excellent service I received in the repairing of my pot. My pot was repaired and cleaned and new handles fitted. It looks brand new! And everything free! Many thanks for work well done! 

R. Harris