Other Options

Besides our cash, credit and PriceSaver purchase options, we also offer Stokvel. Through this, we offer more South African's the opportunity to invest in our quality cookware and lifetime guarantee. Contact your AMC consultant today! 

Here is some more information about Stokvel orders:

Stokvel orders are written at the time of the original “stokvel” and prices are fixed for the duration of the stokvel. A stokvel leader collects from each stokvel member an amount which collectively adds up to the value of one order. This money is banked on the first order that appears on the stokvel control sheet and that order is then delivered to the member. 

The stokvel is valid for the duration of the number of orders, for example, if there are 8 orders, the stokvel will be valid for 8 months. The stokvel leader is responsible for the collection of monies monthly from each member for the duration of the stokvel agreement so that each member of the stokvel receives their order in the allocated month of delivery.