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If you're an existing AMC Consultant looking for tools to help you grow your business, this is where you'll find it. Scroll down to find our ready reckoner, our AMC sales Blog or learn about the AMC Consultant app. And if you're not an AMC Consultant but want to find out more about how to sell AMC or you want to sign up for the first time or reinstate as a Consultant, these links are all here for you too.

Become An AMC Consultant

Becoming an AMC Consultant is a great way to earn an income while being your own boss.

What Is An AMC Consultant Why Become An AMC Consultant Sign Up As An AMC Consultant
What Is An AMC Consultant Why Become An AMC Consultant Sign Up As A Consultant
AMC Cookware is sold through a network of consultants that sell directly to their customers. Direct sales is an exciting industry where you can earn great money, in your own time, and have fun doing it! Sign up online to become an AMC Consultant. You will then be phoned and invited to your AMC training.
AMC Consultant FAQ AMC Consultant Stories AMC Consultant Reinstatement
Consultant FAQ Consultant Stories Consultant Reinstatement
We answer some frequently asked questions about becoming an AMC Consultant. Some of our AMC Consultants share their story on how joining the AMC family changed their lives! If you were previously an AMC Consultant, use this online form to become reinstated.

Already An AMC Consultant?

AMC is finding ways to make your life as a consultant easier and better all the time.

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Get The AMC Consultant App Online Training Consultant Sales Blog
A world of information at your fingertips with the AMC Consultant App, available for iOS and Android. Visit our Consultant Portal for online Consultant Training and other valuable resources. We want to share relevant sales information with you, our AMC Consultant.