An Investment in the Future

When buying AMC cookware, you're not simply investing in stainless steel pots and pans. You are investing in your future, you and your family's health, and you're investing in quality. Backed by our lifetime guarantee, excellent customer service and high quality products, your cookware is an investment you will pass on to future generations.

Some brief points that we’d like to highlight:

  • AMC cookware is a product that you will use for the rest of your life. You will probably pass it to your grandchildren one day as an inheritance, and your kids will fondly remember the amazing meals that were prepared in them. (And if you’re not a confident cook yet, check out some great recipes here.)
  • When you purchase AMC, rest assured that you are purchasing from a reputable company. We have been in South Africa for over 40 years and have been manufacturing cookware in SA for 47 years. We are not going to disappear overnight. We are only going to give you good service. And we will always be able to assist with any problems or enquiries that you may have. 
  • AMC cookware is a product that is beneficial to your health. Besides being able to cook waterless and fat-free and cook at lower temperatures, our cookware is manufactured from high quality surgical stainless steel - the best material for cooking in.
  • This is a product that will help you to save on energy costs in your home significantly over time.
  • AMC cookware is a product that you can trust, one that you will use almost every day and one that will play a role in your daily life for the rest of your life.