What Cookware is right for you?

Buying cookware that you will use for the rest of your life can really seem like a daunting task at times, as your needs in the kitchen change as you go through life. We give you guidelines on how to pick your cookware and kitchenware to best suit your lifestyle, but rest assured, AMC is not a purchase you will regret making.

What is the family size or amount of people that you cook for daily?

If you cook for few (2 or 3 only) and this won’t be changing in the immediate future, you’ll probably be looking at smaller items – 16 cm saucepans up to 24 cm Fry Pans. If you cook for more or your family is soon to be expanding (4 - 7) rather look at 20 cm as your smaller saucepans, 28 cm Chef’s Pan and more medium sized units such as 24 cm Roaster and 24 cm High. When cooking for more (8+), definitely go bigger than this. Cookware predominately from our 24 cm and 30 cm range will be more suitable then.

Do you entertain often?

If so, I would definitely consider buying one or two electrified items as they just allow you to utilise your stove better. You can plug in and cook wherever you have space.

What type of food do you tend to cook?

If you cook stews, curries and saucy meals opt for deeper pans. If you tend to fry more - stir fries, fried rice, deep frying, eggs, sausage & veg etc, then buying predominantly wider and shallower pans will probably be better options for you. And if you are often short on time and do like to cook more traditional meals such as curry, samp, tripe, corned beef and bredies, then definitely consider the AMC Speedcooker. This is a lifesaver if you need to cook fast.