How To Purchase Through A Consultant

Traditionally the only way to purchase AMC cookware has been by buying through a consultant. Our AMC Consultants are trained to assist you in choosing the best combination of cookware for your home. You are also able to view the cookware, and will understand the size and depth of the cookware that you're choosing. You can also contact us for more information if you are looking for a Consultant in your area.

You have three easy options to get in touch with an AMC consultant:

  1. Visit this page to view a list all our Sales Centres. Contact a centre nearest to you asking to be referred to a consultant in your area.
  2. Contact our Support Centre and we will arrange that an AMC consultant gets in touch with you.  
  3. Or use the drop down menu below to get the details of the top 5 consultants from an AMC Centre near you.

Once you have met a consultant you will be able to arrange a product demonstration and discuss payment options that will fit your budget.

Our top consultants at your nearest centre

 Use the tool below to find the top 5 AMC consultants at your nearest centre.