What is the Visiotherm and how do I use it?

14 April 2015 / Posted in AMC Products

The Visiotherm® is a visual indicator of heat within the lid knob. It's your guide to the ideal temperature for cooking, which is important to retain the nutritional value of your food and save electricity.Using your AMC Visiotherm® will assist you in cooking the AMC way, waterless and fat-free.

There are three main areas to take note of on the Visiotherm® – the first red area, optimal cooking area and second red area. View the Visiotherm® as a clock face. When the lid is placed on your cookware, the Visiotherm®'s gold indicator will move clockwise as the unit is heated. You initially heat over a medium temperature and usually reduce the heat to the lowest setting at some stage during the cooking process. Read the guidelines below.


The first red area

Heat your cookware over a medium temperature until the gold indicator reaches the first red area (± 5 - 10 minutes depending on the cookware size). This indicates the ideal temperature to start browning or sautéing your food (typically meat or onions) without adding fat or oil. If you've heated foods in the unit from cold over a medium temperature (like vegetables, rice, milk etc.) reduce heat now.


The optimal cooking area

After frying or sautéing, if you need to continue cooking (e.g. stew), cover with the lid and reduce the heat. The gold indicator of the Visiotherm® will continue to rise until it reaches the optimal cooking area. Or if cooking waterless, after reducing the heat at first red area the gold indicator will move further along to the optimal cooking area, marked in white. Keep the indicator in this area by controlling the heat on the stove.


The second red area

If the indicator reaches this area, your cookware is overheating and food might burn. Reduce the heat further or remove cookware from the stove if your food is almost finished cooking. 

Below is a chart that gives you a basic indication of how to cook different foods the AMC Way. Let us know if this helps you in your home!

Visiotherm Cooking temperature chart


  • If ingredients do not contain enough natural fat for frying, a small amount of oil should be added to the unit, e.g. skinless chicken breast fillets, eggs, fish or very lean meat.