We recently experienced a fire at our factory: find out how this affects you

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Know your spices Part One

27 November 2015 / Posted in Be FoodWise

Adding spices to your meals can definitely turn a bland dish into something wonderful! And if you know your spices you are more inclined to play around with them. 

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Salt, salt and more salt

25 November 2015 / Posted in Be FoodWise

Salt is a mineral essential to the human body, yet we tend to think of it only as a spice needed for cooking. And an essential in the kitchen! In this article we briefly explain the different types of salt available on the market today.

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AMC Factory Fire

17 November 2015 / Posted in AMC Family

 We had a fire at our AMC Factory - how does this affect you?

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Rocky road ice cream

12 November 2015 / Posted in Sweets

If you've looking for an extra decadent but super easy treat then our version of Rocky Road ice cream is it. 

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Nectarine and blue cheese salad

4 November 2015 / Posted in Salads

Not your normal green salad, but the different flavours compliment one another beautifully. If you enjoy blue cheese then this salad is perfect for you! 

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Mango and coconut smoothie

30 October 2015 / Posted in Breakfast & brunch Snacks

A summer smoothie is refreshing and a delicious way to cool down. With mango season fast approaching we thought that it's the perfect time to share our favourite mango and coconut smoothie. 

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