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Marvellous mushrooms

23 July 2015 / Posted in Vegetables & sides

The ancient Egyptians believed mushrooms grew by magic because of the way they could appear overnight. Read on for more mushroom facts and info!

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Savoury mince cobbler

13 July 2015 / Posted in Easy meals

If you've been looking for your next hearty meal then look no further. This savoury mince cobbler is easy to prepare and best of all, it's a one-pot wonder.

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Breakfast fritter stack

13 July 2015 / Posted in Breakfast & brunch

If you're tired of serving bacon and eggs for breakfast or brunch, these breakfast fritters are great alternative!

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Cooking rice

10 July 2015 / Posted in Vegetables & sides AMC Products

We are often asked how to cook rice in AMC, and when we demonstrate this easy-peasy method to a group they are always impressed. Being able to cook rice is a basic kitchen skill we often take for granted – and it's effortless with the AMC Visiotherm! 

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Saucy butternut & sweet potato chicken

9 July 2015 / Posted in Easy meals

The butternut and sweet potato in this easy dish cooks down to become a delicious sauce for the chicken. Comfort food at its best! 

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Sago Pudding

8 July 2015 / Posted in Sweets

There is nothing better than a tried and tested recipe! This is exactly what brand ambassador Carey shares with us, her Ouma's trusted sago pudding. 

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