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Pointers for perfect pancakes

20 February 2018 / Posted in Sweets

Few of us are able to ignore that smell of a freshly baked pancake! Many people enjoy it as a sweet treat or dessert and it’s equally delicious as a light meal with a savoury filling. 

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Pancakes with wholewheat flour

8 February 2018 / Posted in Sweets

Pancakes are always a winner. Most of the time the batch is devoured while you are trying to bake them off.  AMC brand ambassador Heleen Meyer shares her wholewheat pancake recipe with us.

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AMC Valentine's Competition

1 February 2018 / Posted in Competitions

It’s the month of love, and we want to celebrate your love for great cookware! Enter our exciting Valentine's competition here.

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Lunch boxes for the whole family

29 January 2018 / Posted in Breakfast & brunch Easy meals

As with every meal, lunch boxes should be balanced with lots of fresh ingredients like fruit and veg. A lean protein is always important, whether it's leftover meat from the weekend, last night’s supper or even eggs. Here are some delicious lunch box ideas to give you a kickstart to the year!

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Meatballs with apple

9 January 2018 / Posted in Breakfast & brunch Easy meals

This meat ball recipe is very handy! The kids will love these and they are the perfect addition to any healthy lunch box. Make a double batch to enjoy for supper and have enough for lunch boxes too. 

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Spicy potato salad

21 December 2017 / Posted in Salads

This spicy potato salad is delicious and offers a twist to the traditional salad we are all used too. 

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