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Pan-fried prawns & chorizo with chimichurri sauce

1 December 2016 / Posted in Easy meals

This summer supper is super easy to prepare, and the bright green Chimichurri sauce adds a pop of colour to your plate.

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Festive season gift competition

22 November 2016 / Posted in AMC Products Competitions

We've compiled a list of gifts from the AMC range. Browse these and enter our competition here to potentially win your choice of gift!

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Creamy biltong guacamole

18 November 2016 / Posted in Vegetables & sides

With the summer days upon us, we are always looking for light snacks for entertaining. This creamy biltong guacamole is so moreish, you'll possibly not feel too inclined to share!

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Summer Samp Salad

7 November 2016 / Posted in Salads

We took samp, a staple ingredient in many South African homes, and zhooshed it up for our summer samp salad. 

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Basil pesto

27 October 2016 / Posted in Snacks Vegetables & sides

Basil pesto is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many ways – use as a topping on your chicken breast fillets, stir through cottage cheese or just spread on fresh ciabatta and enjoy. We share a super quick basil pesto recipe with you. 

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Your AMC Probe

20 October 2016 / Posted in AMC Products

If you own an AMC electrified unit, you will be using your AMC Probe regularly. The probe makes it easy to cook on the correct temperature and apply the basic waterless and fat-free cooking methods.

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