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Chorizo, chickpeas & kale in a spicy tomato sauce

23 February 2017 / Posted in Easy meals

When you don't have much time but still want a delicious supper, this chorizo recipe is the perfect option!  

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Valentines Day giveaway

14 February 2017 / Posted in Competitions

 We're giving away an AMC 16 cm Gourmet Low this Valentines day!

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Tips to help you cook the AMC-way

7 February 2017 / Posted in AMC Products Be FoodWise

Adapting to the waterless and fat-free method of cooking the AMC-way is easy and quick. You’ll soon be amazed at how little water and oil you use when cooking. Special recipes aren’t needed – simply apply waterless and fat-free cooking principles to all your favourite meals.

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The benefits of meal planning

30 January 2017 / Posted in Be FoodWise

If planning your next meal seems like a waste of time that makes you even less enthusiastic to cook, we're going to try change your mind as we share some of the benefits of meal planning in this week’s blog.

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Easy food conversions

19 January 2017 / Posted in Be FoodWise

Skip the frustration of converting milliliters to grams by using our easy conversion table. 

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Lamb Pilaf with cranberries & dates

23 December 2016 / Posted in Easy meals Festive foods

This lamb pilaf has been given a sweetened twist with the addition of cranberries and dates. These flavours complement each other so well that you will want seconds and thirds! 

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