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Mutton curry bunny chow

24 August 2016 / Posted in Easy meals

Bunny chow, a true South African fast food, is made by filling a loaf of bread with aromatic curry. 

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Homemade paneer

18 August 2016 / Posted in Vegetables & sides

This Indian cheese is easy to prepare and can be made in only a few steps. Paneer is a fresh cheese that needs no ageing, you can make it and eat it right away! 

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Win an AMC 24 cm Gigant!

11 August 2016 / Posted in Competitions

Win an AMC 24 cm Gourmet Gigant, valued at R3999!

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Chicken & parmesan soup

10 August 2016 / Posted in Soups

If you need to make enough soup to feed a small army, this soup is perfect for you. The AMC 24 cm Gigant has a capacity of 9 litres, and it's only when you start cooking that you realise how much that actually is! 

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Nasi Goreng with chicken and broccoli

1 August 2016 / Posted in Easy meals

Nasi goreng literally means fried-rice. Prepare this flavourful meal effortlessly, and its also a great way to use any leftover rice or chicken. 

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Mexican bean burgers

25 July 2016 / Posted in Easy meals Vegetables & sides

If you're looking for a vegetarian meal option or an easy dinner, try these mexican style bean burgers. They're easy to prepare and so delicious, you won't even miss the meat! 

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