Crown Combo

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The Crown Combo is great for those that enjoy cooking. You can prepare large amounts of food in this combo, and you have the added benefit of being able to transport and reheat your meal before serving. The 30 cm Electric Frying Pan with its larger capacity of 4.5 litres now allows you to easily prepare a roast, stew or rice dish in this pan. And with the Magnum you can cook for a crowd!

The Crown Combo consists of the following items: 
  • 30 cm Electric Frying Pan (4.5 Litres)
  • 40 cm Magnum (32 litres)
More details:
  • 2 AMC electrified units.
  • 2 year guarantee on handles, Visiotherm®, Electric Probe and Element.
  • Lifetime guarantee on cookware.
  • Gourmet stainless steel handles – stay cool while cooking.
  • The Crown Combo can be ordered with your choice of Visiotherm® colour. If no colour is selected, your order will be shipped with the classic black Visiotherm®. 
Product Features
Diameter 40cm, 30cm
Capacity More than 7L, 3L - 7L
Height High, Medium
Classic/Gourmet Classic
Colour Range Colour
Classification Stockpot, Frying Pan
Contains Electrified Electrified