2020 Incentive 3: Cash for our national top performers

20 May 2020 / Posted in AMC Consultants
Top 10 National Achievers

We are giving cash to our National Top Performers. Be part of our top 10 and you will get rewarded with:

Reward levels

 Qualifying Criteria: 

  • Consultants: Combined Nett points.
    Minimum points to qualify: 120 Nett points in the competition period. 
  • Home Based Managers: Nett points 
    Minimum points to qualify: 360 Nett points in the competition period.
  • Managers: Nett points 
    Minimum points to qualify: 720 Nett points in the competition period.


  • To be eligible to win, you must be current or have the same status as a manager at the time of our incentive payments.
  • The company’s decision is final.
  • Competition period: 7 January 2020 to 6 January 2021