AMC Edge knives

18 August 2016 / Posted in AMC Products
AMC Edge Knives leaflet

Download the AMC Edge leaflet and read it at your convenience.

The AMC Edge Knife set is designed for everyday use in your kitchen. Manufactured specially for AMC according to strict quality standards, each knife blade is manufactured from 420j2 stainless steel. This creates a hard, strong blade with excellent corrosion resistance that is also easy to resharpen. The handles of the knives are forged from ABS. Its strong properties of resistance and toughness create handles that are excellent for everyday working knives. The AMC Edge knife set contains the following knives:

Chef’s knife

An indispensable kitchen knife that is versatile – from cutting meat to dicing veggies and chopping herbs.


Carving knife

With a long blade and very sharp edge, this knife allows precise thin slicing of meat, fruits and vegetables.


Bread knife

The sharp serrated grooves make it possible to cleanly slice through bread without crushing it.


Utility knife

Can be used to carve, slice, bone and fillet and is also typically used for cutting small fruits and vegetables.


Paring knife

With a short, sharp blade this knife is ideal for intricate work such as coring or peeling fruit and vegetables. 


Caring for your AMC Edge Knives

  • Storage: Always store your knives with care. A magnetic wall strip that can be attached to a wall and an AMC Knife Stand is available for this purpose (sold separately). Alternatively use a knife block or a knife sheath. Never store your knives in a kitchen drawer without protection of some sort, as contact with other cutlery could damage the blade. Also ensure that knives are always out of the reach of children when stored.
  • Washing: Your AMC Edge Knives are dishwasher safe, but it's always best to hand wash. Over a period of time exposure to the high heat and chemicals of a dishwasher can cause the blade to become blunt quicker than if hand washed only. The black handle can also become dull or white marks can appear through continued exposure to the dishwasher.
  • Sharpening: In the event that the edge of your knives do become blunt, only attempt to sharpen them and re-establish the edge with a high quality knife sharpener, available at specialist knife stores. The serrated blade of the bread knife must only be sharpened using a serration knife sharpener. Never attempt to sharpen your knives on a grinding wheel. 
REMEMBER to only use your knives for their intended use – preparing food. Never use them for other household jobs like cutting rope or wire or prying open tin cans. Prying could result in the tip of your knife breaking off. It’s also best to cut food on a softer surface such as a wooden or plastic chopping board. Never chop on tiled, glass or marble surfaces. And always ensure that  your knives are clean and sharp. The old saying that a sharp knife is safer than a blunt one really is true.

Safety Precautions

  • Always cut away from your body, never towards it.
  • Ensure that your knives or your knife block is out of reach of children. If you do allow older children to use your knives, only do so under close adult supervision.
  • If you drop a knife, let it fall. Never attempt to catch the knife as you might unintentionally grab the sharp blade.
  • Never run with a knife, and always walk with the knife tip pointing towards the ground. 
  • Never point a knife at anyone and if passing a knife to someone, hand it over to them handle first.
  • Always use the right knife for a job, i.e. don’t attempt to peel or core an apple with a chef’s knife or to slice through gem squash with a small paring knife. This could lead to accidents. 
  • Always use your knives in a well-lit area so that you can see what you are doing. 
  • After sharpening, if testing whether the blade of your knife is sharp enough, never run your finger down the blade! Rather brush your thumb gently across the blade – your skin should catch slightly on a sharp knife.


The AMC Edge knives carry a 1 year material and workmanship guarantee.This guarantee is only effective if the knives have been used for their intended purpose only and properly cared for, as indicated on this leaflet. It does not cover damage to the blade or handle of the knives through misuse or negligence.