2 February 2024 / Posted in AMC Consultants

As you know, For the Love of AMC is our theme for 2024. We chatted to a few members of the AMC Support Team to find out why they love AMC.

Roeseda James - Order Processing Supervisor

I am grateful for the advantages that AMC offers to its employees. The support they provide for my son's education is a wonderful bonus. AMC has been providing an outstanding product for more than 50 years, consistently delivering exceptional service to our customers.

Sibongile Adonis - Consultant Services

What I love about AMC is the family nature that we have. Though we are a high quality cookware company, we are not inaccessible to people. We are relatable and care about impacting people's lifestyles and improving their wellbeing!

Shaun Lawrence - IT Network Administrator

If I had to choose a song for AMC, it would be Queen's "It's a Kind of Magic." It perfectly represents our company's essence. Working with the incredible individuals at AMC fills me with gratitude and love, making me feel honored and truly blessed.

Glenda Williams - Senior Creditors Administrator

After 42 years, my time at AMC will come to an end in 6 months as I retire. It has been an incredible journey with my AMC family. We have shared tears, laughter, and countless moments of joy together. Above all, we have formed an extraordinary team, creating lifelong friendships that are truly invaluable.

Sandra Joshua - Office services supervisor

I feel a great sense of pride being a part of AMC for nearly 37 years. It's an honor to still be considered a part of the family. Working alongside such talented professionals gives me the opportunity to learn and grow. I know they will always encourage me to embrace new and exciting challenges.

Victor Sehuana - Customer Service Team Leader

I absolutely adore the lifetime guarantee and repolishing service that AMC provides to our valued customers. Not to mention, the exceptional quality of the products we offer to ensure our customers' satisfaction and the confidence we have in the quality of our products.