Cooking waterless veg in AMC

15 September 2015 / Posted in Vegetables & sides AMC Products Videos

Vegetables cooked the AMC way utilizes the natural moisture in the veg to gently steam them. The use of medium to low temperatures and the Visiotherm® are essential for this cooking process.


  1. Place dripping wet vegetables in a suitable sized cold AMC Cookware unit. Layer the longest cooking veg at the bottom (e.g. potatoes) and shortest cooking on top (e.g. broccoli).
    Cover with lid and heat over a medium temperature until the Visiotherm® reaches the first red area. 
  2. Reduce heat to the lowest setting and leave to cook for required time, until the veggies are done too your liking. The Visiotherm® should rise and hover in the optimal cooking area (12 - 2 o'clock area). 


  • The following vegetables cooked by themselves would need 50 - 100 ml water added when cooking, as they do not have enough natural moisture of their own. Potato, gem squash, sweetcorn and beetroot. If they are mixed with other veg, then you do not need to add water.
  • Cut your various veggies into similar sized portions so that they are all cooked within the same amount of time. 
  • Even starchy veggies like sweet potato and pumpkin are best cooked without any liquid, simply place dripping wet in your cookware.  
  • When preparing food the AMC way, very little seasoning is necessary as the natrual flavour of the food is retained.