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23 September 2015 / Posted in Be FoodWise
Heart month

What makes a healthy, happy heart? Well, before we get to the healthy, let’s look at the happy – what makes your heart happy? Or maybe I should ask – what do you want? When I ask someone this question I’ll typically get answers like:

  • "I want to lose weight."
  • “I want more energy."
  • “I want a job that I love."
  • “I want a million rand."
  • “I want a girlfriend/boyfriend” or “a happy relationship."

But when I ask “why?” again, usually no more than five times it all boils down to one reason – to be happy. Most people want to be happy, and we want things that we feel will make us happy. This is often our motivation.

  • We study so we can earn a degree or diploma to get a job and have a better chance of a job and earning money.
  • We sign up at the gym because we want to lose weight and improve our energy.
  • We put our best foot forward on our first date to make an impression so that someone may love us.

We all yearn for things that will improve our experience of life, to makes us happy. But what if I told you that you already have everything you need to be happy? It’s your health. Your health is the gateway to being happy. Think about it. All those things you want:

  • It’s harder to lose weight, get fit and and have energy when you’re unhealthy;
  • It’s harder to enjoy your money and experience the pleasure you buy when you’re sick in bed or too overweight to move;
  • It’s harder to attract a partner when you’re unhealthy;
  • It’s harder to think clearly and creatively at work when you’re burnt out and overstressed. 

When you become healthier (in body and mind), you become happier. And that’s why I believe that good health is fundamental to living an extraordinary life. 

So in the spirit of Heart Awareness Month I want to invite you to think about how your health can make you more happy. What are the changes you can make that will make you feel better and ultimately create a better version of yourself? Can you identify the habits that are holding you back?

At AMC we encourage good health through healthy cooking. The way we eat has a massive impact on how we look, feel and perform. So while Heart Awareness Month is coming to an end, here are some heart healthy tips that you can use in your cooking and meal planning everyday: 

  • Eat your fruit and vegetables at most meals. Yes even breakfast! Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to perform at their best.
  • Use healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil for cooking. Healthy fats are your friend – fats are important for cell function and providing energy.
  • Eat protein with most meals. Proteins provide amino acids to the body to help build and repair muscle and keeps you feeling satisfied after meals. Vegetarians will need to eat more from plant sources. 
  • Avoid processed foods like cakes, bread and cereals. 
  • Drink water and avoid sugary drinks. 
Mark Koekemoer

About Mark

Mark Koekemoer is one quarter of our Marketing Team, a Cape Crossfit Coach and a Precision Nutrition certified coach. He is also a Type 1 Diabetic so he doesn't take being healthy lightly.