How to include your kids in the kitchen

16 September 2015 / Posted in AMC Products Be FoodWise

One of the best ways to spend time with your kids, keep them busy and that doesn't cost the earth, is to get them cooking. Even little ones will enjoy spending time in the kitchen with mom or their caregiver while learning new skills. It's a life skill your children will never regret gaining, and it will help help young picky eaters to explore new tastes and textures. 

If your kids are very young or new to cooking, try starting them off with simple recipes such as baking biscuits, sweetcorn fritters or a pasta sauce. We'll be sharing some great kid friendly recipes with you shortly. Or get them involved with an aspect of dinner making. Below is a super infographic that we found on the Cooksmarts website giving you an idea of the age of your child and what they could do in the kitchen.