How to segment an orange

16 April 2020 / Posted in Be FoodWise
How to segment an orange

Recipes sometimes call for fresh orange segments to add a beautiful touch to salads and desserts. Using a sharp, serrated vegetable knife is the first step to segmenting oranges. Just follow these steps for best results.

How to segment an orange

Step 1

Slice top and bottom of the orange and place upright on a chopping board. Keep the knife’s blade close to the flesh and cut the peel and white pith away, following the shape of the orange. Continue until no white pith is visible anymore. 

How to segment an orange

Step 2

Hold the orange in the palm of your hand and gently cut the segments from membranes towards the core of orange. Work over a bowl to catch any juice and once all the segments are cut out, squeeze what is left in your hand so that you can use all the lovely juice.


  • Orange segments are delicious in salads, typical in an orange sauce to serve as Crépe Suzette with pancakes or as a decoration on cakes or tarts


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