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Outdoor Braai Oven

17 April 2015 / Posted in Dinner AMC Products

The AMC Outdoor Braai Oven (OBO) is a rather unique new product for the company. Not intended for the kitchen, it's actually a braai tool or accessory. Basically if you enjoy braaing,then this is the perfect addition to your braai equipment! It's been specifically designed to cook a whole chicken vertically on the braai, or to perfect the "beer chicken". With a little experimentation you will quickly find it has other uses too!

The OBO creates an oven effect when placed over your food on the braai – giving you a similar smoky flavour to that of a kettle braai. With the current electricity situation in SA, you could easily cook a complete meal on the fire during inconvenient load shedding at dinner time. Slowly roast veggies over the coals, whether wrapped in tinfoil or under the OBO. Then roast your meat under another OBO, preferably a whole chicken, but rolled deboned leg of lamb or pork belly will definitely work too!

For the perfect roast chicken

  1. Spice the chicken as preferred. Using a specific beer chicken holder, place the chicken either simply upright on this or with your favourite 340 ml cooldrink or beer propped inside the chicken. Experiment with other flavour options such as ginger ale, rooiboos tea or wine.
  2. Place the chicken on the stand in a container with a 20 cm diameter. (Such as the AMC 20 cm Baking Tin). Place this on a level steady braai grid,  8 - 10 cm above the coals. 
  3. Cover with the OBO and leave to cook.  Depending on the coals and the size of the chicken, the chicken should be cooked with  tender flesh and crispy skin in 60 - 75 minutes.


When using the OBO

  • Cook over hot coals and not a flame.
  • When cooking food that is likely to drip fat or easily burn(i.e. chicken), place it in a round baking dish, like our AMC 20 cm Baking Tin, or on a disposable aluminium pie tray . Avoid using a dish larger than 20 cm in diameter as this slows down the cooking process. 
  • Getting a crispy skin is simple. Lift the meat from the baking tin so that it doesn't roast in the juices. Placing it on an inverted AMC Grater is an option. On the other hand if you are making roast chicken, vertical holders for placing the chicken on are available at supermarkets or outdoor stores.
  • Slow cooking with your OBO will always give you a better result – don't rush the cooking and place the food over coals that are too hot. 


It's important to realise that because of the high heat and outdoor weather conditions the OBO will be exposed to, you can expect it to discolour and tarnish and even become scratched. This obviously will not affect the performance of the OBO. Also remember that the OBO will also become very hot when in use. Do not touch the stainless steel while cooking, always lift it with the lid knob.

Download the OBO Pdf