Seasonal fruit & veggies

26 April 2017 / Posted in Be FoodWise
Seasonal fruit & veggies

Many fruits and vegetables are now available throughout the year, so it's easy to lose track of what is actually in season right now. We've created these handy tables listing the most popular produce and when it's the best season to get your hands on them! There are a couple of reasons you want to eat fruit and veg that are in season:

- They taste better as they are fresh and have ripened naturally due to the weather conditions.
- They're less expensive.
- They have a higher nutritional value.
- Supports your natural nutritional needs. (e.g. high vitamin C content citrus fruit in winter)
- More environmantally friendly; less transportation, less hot houses, less refrigeration.

Spring and Summer fruit & vegetables

Spring fruits and veggies are available from September to November.; summer fruits and veggies from December to February.

Spring & Summer fruit & Veggies

Autumn and winter fruit & vegetables

Autumn fruits and veggies are available from March to May; winter fruits and veggies from June to August.

Autumn and winter fruit & vegetables

Seasonal fruit & veggies PDf

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