Smoothie recipes

31 August 2017 / Posted in Beverages Breakfast & brunch
Smoothies for you to try

Each smoothie recipe yields 500 ml. If you have overripe bananas, peel and pop them into the freezer and then use them in your next smoothie. Use seasonal fruit and vegetables for best results.

Peanut butter smoothie

Peanut butter & banana smoothie

Makes 500 ml

250 ml milk or coconut milk
1 - 2 scoops protein powder
1 banana, peeled
15 ml peanut or nut butter
10 ml cocoa
20 ml oats

*Optional: Add cooked sweet potato for extra fibre and flavour. 

Green smoothie

Green Smoothie

Makes 500 ml

170 – 250 ml liquid of choice: apple juice, milk, water or coconut water
1 – 2 scoops protein powder
1 stem of celery, cut into chunks or handful of spinach
1 banana, peeled
¼ cucumber, cut into chunks
1 green apple, cut into chunks
15 ml ginger, freshly grated
20 – 30 ml cashew or almonds
honey, to taste (optional)

Berry smoothie

Berry Smoothie

Makes 500 ml

250 ml milk, coconut or almond milk
1 – 2 scoops, protein powder
handful strawberries or seasonal berries, of your choice
1 banana, peeled
20 ml cashew nuts
honey, to taste (optional)

*Optional: Adding a handful of raw spinach to this smoothie will up the nutritional value, and won't affect the flavour much.