The AMC Difference

28 September 2017 / Posted in AMC Products
AMC Cookware

In 1968 the first set of AMC Cookware was sold in South Africa. Over the past 49 years, we have built a reputation for manufacturing high quality cookware combined with excellent customer service. We’ve been told countless stories of customers who invested in our cookware many years ago and are still using it to this day. But if you did not grow up in a home with AMC, you might still be thinking, “‘Why is this product different to other pots and pans that I can buy?” Below we list a couple of reasons to illustrate the AMC difference.

Quality is an investment:
AMC Cookware is manufactured from the finest grade 18/10 stainless steel. We’re so confident that we provide the best quality cookware that we guarantee it – for life. Buy AMC Cookware once, and never again. You may even be fortunate enough to pass your cookware on to future generations.

Truly AMC:

All of our cookware has a stamp on the base with our logo to brand it as a genuine AMC product. And our cookware has a good weight to it too. This is testament to the quality of materials we use in our product.

Our Design:
We have mastered the precision design of our cookware, which enables waterless and fat-free cooking. And our classic design means our cookware will look good in any kitchen. The high shine of our cookware is testament to the quality materials we use and the meticulous care we take in only producing the best products.

For Health:
The stainless steel used to make AMC is the most hygienic material for cookware. It’s non-porous, easy to clean, does not rust and won't release metals into the food. By cooking the the AMC way you will use less fats, oils and salts to prepare delicious meals for your family. In this way providing a healthier way of eating and preparing food with optimal nutritional value.

For Care:
We pride ourselves on our after sales service, and are dedicated to ensuring that our customers needs are taken care of. Our Customer Service team is available to assist you with any queries, even from before you purchase our product. 

Your Guarantee:
We say “for life” because that’s what most people understand, but actually it’s for the life of the product – which lasts forever.  Our guarantee covers any case of defective workmanship and material. Even spares that are perishable like lid knobs, handles and electrical parts are covered by a two year guarantee, and are always readily available.

We’ve listed only a couple of reasons why AMC differs from other competitors in the cookware market. We hope they highlight to you why AMC is always a good choice, and our many payment options available also mean that you can afford our cookware. For more information about our product and quality, or our different purchase options, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest AMC Sales Centre to assist you.