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It can be challenging to choose what cookware and cooking appliances you require for your family and lifestyle. We've simplified this decision by creating sets with a combination of units such as saucepans, stock pots, frying pans and roasters for various kitchens and cultures. Whether your family is big or small, you enjoy cooking and entertaining or simply cook out of necessity; we have a combination of cookware to suit your needs. Browse and order your cookware online for delivery to your door.

Standard Combo
R8494 Was R9438
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Clever Combo
R8965 Was R9962
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Agile Combo
R9071 Was R9817
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Delight Combo
R10798 Was R11998
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Central Combo
R12114 Was R13461
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Kitchen Essentials Combo
R12509 Was R13899
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Modern Combo
R12796 Was R14218
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50th Birthday Combo IV
R12865 Was R16082
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Supreme Combo
R12939 Was R14377
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