AMC Values - Part 1

11 November 2019 / Posted in AMC Consultants
AMC Values

At AMC, we pride ourselves for high-quality products, our commitment to service and our lifetime guarantee. But we never forget that what our business is really about is our people.  That is why the first value of AMC is We work for the well-being of our people - Customers, Sales Consultants & Employees. What does this mean?

For our customers

It means providing a product that lasts a lifetime. It means enabling our customers to live a better quality life for life - by eating more healthily (lower salt and fats).  There are added benefits to helping our customers to enjoy preparing and sharing healthy home-cooked meals with their families; regular family meals have been shown to improve the grades and language of school-going children and reduce destructive behaviours in teenagers such as the use of drugs and alcohol. There’s also, of course, an increase in the health outcomes of families who enjoy regular meals together.

Feeling equipped to prepare meals with the right cookware from AMC is a great first step to improving the eating habits of your family.

For our Consultants

The well-being of our consultants is the sustainable upliftment of their standard of living. The commission that our consultants earn has the potential to change their lives in incredible and permanent ways. We know that the economy in South Africa is tough right now and average salaries have actually declined in the last year.  AMC is an opportunity for South Africans to be able to take proactive steps to improve their own income.

AMC works on making it as simple as possible for a consultant to sign up, attend training and get equipped to start their business. When we work for the well-being of our consultants, we work towards developing, training, motivating and nurturing our consultants.

For example, our M.A.P (Management Academy Programme) is designed to identify management potential among our consultants, to expose our consultants to new aspects of AMC and to boost their sales skills and product knowledge so that they can take their performance to the next level. 

For our employees

Finally, we work for the well-being of our employees. We take our responsibilities as an employer very seriously and we work to meet or exceed every legal requirement we have as an employer. We want to create a workplace that is kind and fair and we want to provide opportunities for our employees to grow. We actively review the benefits we provide to our employees and we don’t forget that our employees are people, whose contribution makes AMC stronger and more successful.