AMC Electric Urn

12 May 2017 / Posted in AMC Products
Cover image of AMC Urn leaflet

The AMC 24 cm Electric Urn has been designed to cater for home and office use. It’s also transportable, practical and easy to use – perfect for catering at family events or birthdays. Fitted with a standard three-prong plug, all you need is access to a power point to have boiling water on tap. The AMC Urn has a capacity of 8 litres, an internal height of 18 cm and an external height of 29,3 cm. Download the Urn leaflet and read at your leisure. 

Care & cleaning

The Urn is intended to boil water only. Rinse the Urn thoroughly before use to remove any manufacturing dust or packaging particles. To protect against electric shock, do not immerse the Urn, plug or cord in water or any other liquid. To clean the inside and remove water deposits on the element, we recommend the use of a descaling product. These are obtainable from local supermarkets.

Instructions for use

Fill Urn to your desired level, and ensure that the base is always completely covered with water. Fit the plug into a wall socket and switch the red button on. The light will glow to indicate that it is on. The Urn will then start to heat up until boiling. Once boiling, you can open the adjustable vent in the lid to release steam. After the water has boiled, the Urn will self-regulate and maintain a temperature between 89 and 95 degrees celsius, so you will always have hot water on hand for your tea or coffee. When the Urn is not in use, please switch it off with the red button and unplug from the wall socket. Do not overfill, as the water will spill once boiling


The AMC Cookware 24 cm Electric Urn is covered by the AMC Cookware lifetime guarantee. The Visiotherm®, Urn element, tap, handles and feet have a two year guarantee. It is a condition of the guarantee that you read and follow the instructions in the leaflet. This will ensure satisfying results and will make your guarantee effective.