AMC Flux Induction Cooker

8 May 2018 / Posted in AMC Products
Flux Leaflet

The Flux Induction Cooker is AMC’s very own induction hob. With the AMC Flux Induction Cooker you can enjoy all the benefits that induction cooking provides. It is quite unique to our product range and has been calibrated for medium and low heat setting, the ideal temperatures to use when cooking with AMC. Please read all the instructions carefully, including the safety precautions before using your Flux for the first time.

AMC Flux Induction Cooker

What is an induction hob?
An induction hob uses electromagnetic energy to transfer heat directly to the cookware in contact with its surface. This is unlike traditional stoves where the stove plate is first heated and then the cookware, the surface of an induction cooker does not generate heat. This direct and instant transfer of heat means your cookware is heated faster and less electricity is used.

What are the benefits of induction cooking?

  1. Faster Cooking: Instant heat is transferred directly to the cookware surface, taking less time to heat and reducing your cooking time.
  2. Safety in your home: Induction Cookers have no open flame or heated surface and are therefore far safer for the home.
  3. Easy to clean: With only a flat surface to wipe, cleaning is a breeze and can be done quickly.
  4. Heats your cookware and not your kitchen: Kitchens are notoriously hot environments when there are lots of cooking on the go. With induction cooking only your cookware is heated, keeping your kitchen cool.

What cookware can you use on the AMC Flux?
Induction cooking only works with cookware that has magnetic properties. The latest range of
AMC cookware (since New Generation launched in April 2009) is compatible on induction stovetops and on the AMC Flux - indicated with an i on the base. All previous ranges of AMC will not work on the AMC Flux. The AMC Synergy range is also induction friendly.

Any other magnetic stainless steel, cast iron or enamelled flat bottom pots should also work on an AMC Flux. Cookware manufactured from heat resistant glass, aluminium, copper or ceramic material as well as pots with a rounded base will not work on an induction hob. Very small pots, those with a diameter less than 12 cm, also canot be used on the AMC Flux.

Features of the AMC Flux Induction Cooker.
The AMC Flux is very simple to use. It has a simple control panel and clear display to assist you. You can change the heat setting at a touch of a button and set a certain amount of time that you would like to cook your food for with a timer button. The induction cooker will automatically switch off once the time has elapsed. You are able to lock the display screen which can prevent your heating setting from changing if you accidentally touch the heat setting buttons. The flat design, high grade ceramic plate is also easy to clean.

The AMC Flux will generate power up to 2000 watts, and the heat setting ranges between 60℃ - 240℃. They are as follows:

Technical Specifications

How To Use

The basics of cooking the AMC way, using medium to low temperatures must preferably still be applied when cooking with AMC on your Flux. To do this, place cookware on the cooking surface of the hob. Ensure the flux is plugged in to a wall socket and that there is a minimum of 12 cm open space around the hob. Then turn the hob on with the power button. The display should show the temperature setting P5. This is a good medium temperature setting. If you need a higher or lower heat setting, adjust with the temperature control keys by pressing the power up or power down keys.

Remember that induction heating will take place faster than heating from a conventional stove top. Don’t leave your cookware unattended when preheating.

After starting the cooking, reduce your heat when needed. P2 is a good low setting. If the gold indicator on the Visiotherm® continues past the 2 o’clock area, reduce the heat setting further to P1 until your food is cooked through.

Don’t leave hot cookware on the Flux after you have finished cooking and switch the hob off. Never cook on excessive heat for a long period of time. This could cause the plastic moulding around the edge of the Flux to push out of the frame and could also leave marks on the surface of the Flux.

Timer: If you wish to use the timer, touch the timer button and set the period by touching the + or - buttons until the period is displayed - eg. 30 minutes. The cooker will then switch off after 30 minutes.

Lock: Touch the lock button to lock the control panel to safeguard against accidental changes. Touch again to unlock.


Remove the plug from the wall socket before cleaning the AMC Flux. Once cool, wipe the ceramic plate with a damp cloth and dry it with a soft dishtowel. Never immerse the Flux in water or spray water directly onto the surface. Clean dirt or dust away from the air inlet and outlet with a cotton swab. It is normal that a yellowish colour can coat the ceramic plate after some time but this can be removed with a special ceramic plate cleaner which is available in supermarkets.

Trouble Shooting Guide

The AMC Flux will detect if there is a fault and display this on screen as an error code.

Trouble Shooting Guide

There will be a slight noise when certain cookware is used on the AMC Flux - this is due to metal expansion and is entirely safe and normal. The fan inside the hob is also running when the AMC Flux is in use and may remain for a while after the Flux has been turned off. Wait for the fan to stop before unplugging the power cord from the wall socket.

Important Safety Precautions

  1. Always ensure that there is a minimum open, clean space around the AMC Flux when in use. There must also be an open space of 1 meter above the hob for correct ventilation. 
  2. The AMC Flux can carry a maximum weight of 20 kgs, this includes the weight of the cookware and not ingredients alone. 
  3. Although the surface of the hob is not heated during cooking, residual heat from the cookware on the hob will leave the surface hot immediately after cooking. Do not attempt to touch the hot surface and allow it to cool first before cleaning. 
  4. Always place the AMC Flux on a flat surface for cooking. Do not cover the surface with a tablecloth or plastic sheet. 
  5. Never pour or spray water directly on the AMC Flux or immersed it in water in an effort to clean it. Never place it in a dishwasher. Always use a damp cloth and only when the unit has cooled down.
  6. Do not operate the AMC Flux with wet hands, on a wet surface or in a damp environment. 
  7. Never operate your AMC Flux on a hot surface, stove or near an open flame.
  8. Always unplug your AMC Flux after use, doing so only after the fan in the AMC Flux has stopped running.
  9. Do not use the AMC Flux if the plug does not fit securely in the wall socket.
  10. Always use a single power socket that can withstand 220V-50Hz 10A. Do not use with an extension cord.
  11.  Never insert anything into the air inlets or outlets.
  12. Do not use your AMC Flux if the power cord is broken or damaged in any way, and do not bend it sharply as it could damage the inner copper wire.
  13. Do not replace the power cord if damaged. It may only be replaced by the manufacturer, service agent or similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. 
  14. Do not tamper with, modify or attempt to fix your AMC Flux yourself while it is covered by the one year guarantee. It must be service by a trained professional.
  15. Never place a flammable object between the cookware on the Flux and the ceramic surface.
  16. Never place any metal items such as kitchen utensils, pan lid, foil, etc on the surface of the hob. This could activate the inductive current.
  17. Never use tin foil on the inside base of a cooking unit while operating on the Flux.
  18. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children), with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  19. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  20. WARNING - if the ceramic plate is broken or cracked, switch off and unplug the Flux to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
  21. Never leave the appliance unsupervised when in use. 
  22. Only use the AMC Flux for domestic purposes and in the manner intended as indicated in the Flux leaflet.
  23. Do not operate the Flux on a metal table or surface. 
  24. Never overheat the cookware on the hob as this could damage your AMC Flux, and will result in it cutting out until it has cooled down again.
  25. Never move the AMC Flux during the cooking process or attempt to move it with cookware on top of the surface.
  26. Do not operate the AMC Flux by means of an external timer or a seperate remote-control system
  27. Do not operate the AMC Flux if it is cracked or damaged in any way.

By following these steps you will be guaranteed proper functioning of your AMC Flux Induction Cooker.


The AMC Flux is covered by a one year guarantee. It is a condition of this guarantee that you read and follow all the operating instructions provided. Not only will this ensure satisfying cooking results, but it will also make your guarantee effective.

This guarantee does not cover abuse and damage caused to the Flux through overheating, dropping heavy items on the induction cooker, placing overweight items on the Flux or dropping the Flux.