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AMC repolishing service

6 March 2020 / Posted in AMC Products Videos

If your AMC cookware needs some TLC, we offer an amazing repolishing service to put the shine back in your cookware. Stainless steel is an ideal material for hygienic cookware, but over time and with years of use, you may find that your cookware has lost its shine. Sending it in for repolishing is a great solution for this. Our short video gives you an insight into the repolishing process, and how exactly we put the sparkle back into your cookware at our factory in the Western Cape.

FAQs about our repolishing service

How long does repolishing take?

Repolishing usually takes 6 weeks, but it may take slightly longer depending on demand. If you have a few items of cookware that you would like polished, consider sending them for this service a few at a time.

Why is repolishing not covered by the lifetime guarantee?

Our lifetime guarantee covers faulty material and workmanship on our cookware. For more information on our guarantee view this page.

Why must I pay for repolishing?

Repolishing is a service that we offer at a nominal fee. In a similar way that you pay to service your car, you’re servicing your cookware.

How much does repolishing cost?

We have a set price per size of your cookware. Please view this page for the most up to date price list.

What is included with the repolishing service?

Included in the repolishing cost is the replacement of black side handles and black lid knobs. These will be in the same style as what you've handed in. Visiotherms are excluded from this cost but can be fitted to your cookware at an additional fee. The delivery or postage of your cookware back to you is also included.

I live far from a Consultant Centre, how do I send my cookware for repolishing?

You can courier your cookware directly to our factory in Atlantis, Western Cape. Please include your contact information and a note that this is for repolishing. You will then be contacted regarding a price and you can EFT the amount before your cookware is repolished. Alternatively contact our Customer Services Department and they will be happy to assist you. Contact: or 086 1111 262.

How will my cookware be returned to me?

If you have 2 items or less, your cookware is usually sent via the postal service. If you have more items, your cookware is normally couriered back to you. For further queries about your delivery, please contact our Customer Service Department: or 086 1111 262.

Can I hand my cookware to my Sales Consultant for repolishing?

No, it’s best to deal directly with a Consultant Centre for repolishing. This ensures that your cookware is received at our factory in a timeous way, and that the correct paperwork has been completed.