AMC Sales Aids

5 September 2019 / Posted in AMC Consultants
amc sales aid

Use your AMC sales aids to give power to your sales. All of our sales aids are designed to complement your selling techniques. Below are some of our sales aids available to our consultants.

  1. “Who do I know from where” leaflet. 
    This leaflet is a great way to start building your business. Note down all your contacts, from family to friends to colleagues. These individuals may not be in a position to make a purchase but they could provide you with referrals or you could use this as an opportunity to recruit them.
  2. "For Life" leaflet
    The For Life leaflet allows you to cover 3 important areas.
    1: You can easily explain the benefits of cooking and investing in AMC.
    2: The full AMC product range is also included for your customer’s convenience – they can view the range at their leisure.
    3: Reminds your customer that they can also sign-up as an AMC consultant. 
  3. AMC business cards
    Did you know consultants and managers can order business cards from AMC? Our branded business cards are full colour and completed with your personal information. AMC also subsidises the printing of these cards. Use the business cards to share your contact information and to make a first impression that lasts. Find out more information here
  4. Recruiting leaflet 
    Use this leaflet to encourage people to join the AMC team. Tell them how they can earn extra money selling a world-class product. We give some real life success stories from some of our AMC consultants.