Are you using these digital AMC tools

22 April 2020 / Posted in AMC Consultants
digital AMC tools

AMC has been keeping abreast with technology and trends and we have a host of digital tools available to help and support you, our AMC Consultants. 

  1. AMC website:
    Stay in the loop with the AMC website. Use it to easily view out monthly promotions and educate yourself about AMC! You will find information about the company and factory as well as new recipes and videos developed for AMC. And the Consultant section is for you - read our sales blogs, learn more about the AMC App or encourage your recruits to sign up online or to get reinstated. 
  2. AMC Facebook page:
    Follow us on Facebook and share our posts and promotions directly to your timeline. Use this as a marketing tool to market your business and increase your customer awareness.
  3. Facebook Group: AMC Consultant Network
    Search on Facebook for the AMC South Africa Consultant Network to join. This is a private Facebook group for Consultants. You can use this page to interact and engage with other Consultants, ask questions and share your knowledge of AMC. Remember you need to be part of the group to interact.
  4. Instagram: @amc_cookware
    Instagram is another social media platform to help keep you up to date with all things AMC! We regularly share new recipes, videos, and highlight new and exciting products and promotions. 
  5. AMC APP on Google Play store or ITunes
    Use the AMC App to look up the status of your current orders and view your estimated personal commission for the month. You can also place orders on the app. Find the Android version on the Play store. To download the Apple version, email and you will receive a link and password.
  6.  Consultant Training Portal: AMC has created the perfect training platform for consultants. The training is designed to expand consultants' knowledge of the AMC brand. Visit the Consultant Portal for training and other valuable resources.

Important contact information

Contact the AMC Support Centre any assistance.