Pointers for perfect pancakes

8 January 2018 / Posted in Sweets

Few of us are able to ignore the smell of a freshly baked pancake! Many enjoy pancakes as a sweet treat or dessert, but it’s equally delicious as a light meal with a savoury filling. 

In the previous pancake recipe we shared, Heleen Meyer used stoneground wholewheat flour as it is less processed or bleached than regular cake flour. It also adds more fibre, texture and gives a nutty flavour to the batter.

As far as fillings go the options are endless, from the simple perfection of cinnamon-sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice to the comforting combination of mince and cheese. The fillings, however, are nothing without the stability of a flawless pancake.

Here are a few of Heleen's tips for success:

  1.  Use a pan with a heavy base for evenly distributed heat – there is no pan better for this job than an AMC 24 cm Chef’s Pan.
  2. The temperature control is very important, too low and the pancake will absorb too much oil as it takes long to cook. Too high, and the pancake will burn or stick before it is cooked properly.
  3. Don’t add too much oil to the pan – it will make the pancake too oily and soft. Rather use this recipe, with some oil added to the batter already. 
  4. Fry a pancake until it sets on top before trying to turn it over. The pancake will begin to pull away from the side of the pan when it is ready to turn. Fry for a short time on the other side until just cooked and golden brown. 
  5. Take care not to overcook the pancake either, it will become dry and rubbery making it difficult to handle.

Why not give our Pear & caramel filling for your next batch of pancakes a try! 


 Information shared by Heleen Meyer, AMC Brand Ambassador.