Stokvel Orders

18 March 2019 / Posted in AMC Consultants

Stokvels are voluntary clubs or groups of people that are bound by a common cause. The group then pools their financial resources on a regular basis for group members to reach their common cause. In this case to buy AMC cookware.  

Stokvel orders at AMC

Here is how it works

  • Stokvel members can collectively decide to purchase AMC.
  • All members of the stokvel group complete the orders of their choice. This is usually roughly of the same value – any difference in value to be sorted out privately among the group. These orders together with a Stokvel control sheet must be forwarded to AMC Support Centre for processing. 
  • The Stokvel is responsible for getting the money paid to AMC, using the correct order reference.
  • Each Stokvel member will receive their order in their allocated month of delivery.
  • A Stokvel will be valid for the duration of the number of orders, ie., if there are 8 orders, the Stokvel will be valid for 8 months. If there are 10 orders, the Stokvel will be valid for 10 months.
  • Orders count as cash, and cash commission is paid when full payment is made.
  • The Stokvel group must consist of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 12 members.
  • Goods may not be supplied on approval and cannot be cancelled once signed for delivery.
  • Goods stay the property of AMC Cookware until the total is paid in full.
  • If any Member’s order is not paid as agreed, they forfeit their discount and will not be able to take part in Stokvel schemes.