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The AMC Speedcooker

21 June 2016 / Posted in AMC Products Videos

Using an AMC Speedcooker® can save you time and money. Our pressure cooker enables you to cook less expensive cuts of meat and pulses with excellent results, and in a 3rd of the time. Most meals cooked the conventional way can be cooked in a Speedcooker®, only in a much shorter period of time. Think super fast chicken curry, soups and stews. View this short video for more details on the basics of using our Speedcooker.

Here's a quick recap:

The AMC Speedcooker has 4 safety features: 

  1. Red safety valve used to open and close the Speedcooker. This valve releases the pressure rapidly through two steam outlets on either side of the valve if there is excess pressure build-up. 

  2. Extra metal valve on the inside of the lid. This valve lets air out on the sides of the black cover on top of the lid, creating a whistling sound. 

  3. Extra rubber valve on the lid. This pushes out of it’s operating position should the previous 2 safety features be blocked. This valve will pop up revealing a red ring. If this happens the unit should be sent to the factory for inspection. 
  4. Final safety device on the rim of the Speedcooker lid. This ensures that if an excessive amount of pressure should build up in the unit, the rubber sealing ring will automatically pop out and release pressure. 

  5. In addition, the stainless steel used in the manufacture of the Speedcooker is thicker than with our other cookware. 

Basic information: 

  • A minimum amount of 250 ml liquid (stock, water, juice etc) is always necessary to bring the Speedcooker up to pressure. 

  • The Sealing Ring fits in to the lid and forms a pressure tight seal during the cooking process. It is strongly advised that your sealing ring be replaced at least once a year. 

  • Never fill a Speedcooker more than two-thirds of its capacity. When cooking foods that tend to foam or froth a lot, don’t fill more than half. (Examples are pasta or legumes - they tend to foam.) 
  • Only open the AMC Speedcooker once all the pressure has been released and the cooking indicator has dropped completely.