Vegetarian Mondays

4 July 2018 / Posted in Be FoodWise
Beans & pulses

AMC Brand Ambassador Heleen Meyer, gives us some insight on green eating and being more sustainable in the the kitchen.

There is a strong focus these days on being more sustainable in all aspects of life whether it is at work or at home. The kitchen is no exception and the choices we make, no matter how big or small can all help preserve and protect our precious earth.

There are many ways you can make more sustainable choices in the kitchen, whether it is when shopping and buying food, choosing ingredients or preparing meals. Seasonal, local ingredients are good options, as these often have fewer ‘food miles’ (the journey your food takes to get to the supermarket). Make healthy choices for you and your family so that your way of life is more sustainable – choosing natural seasonings and fresh ingredients instead of pre-prepared, processed or packaged items are better for the environment. Cooking with AMC Cookware requires less electricity and water for cooking, contributing even further to preserving resources.

A well-known initiative started by Paul McCartney and his family in 2009, is Meat Free Monday. This campaign encourages everyone to enjoy at least one vegetarian meal per week to help reduce carbon omissions and slow down global warming. Animal farming and meat production uses a vast amount of natural resources, so if we all reduce our meat intake by just a small amount we can make a big difference. 

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