24 cm Dome & Seal

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The AMC Dome is a versatile accessory that can can enhance your AMC cooking experience in many ways. Use it to increase cooking capacity, create a double boiler, enable stack cooking or simply for food storage. It is also sold with a tight fitting plastic lid

Increase cookware capacity by using an inverted Dome on top of the respective sized AMC unit. For cooking, follow the initial stages of heating up with your AMC lid till the first red area on the Visiotherm®, whereafter the Dome can be used as the lid on the unit. A loose Visiotherm® from a spare lid can be used on top of the Dome to monitor the temperature. An AMC Sucker Knob should be used to remove the hot Dome once cooking is complete.

Double boiler: The AMC Dome fits tightly in the respective sized High unit (20 cm High or 24 cm High) and makes the perfect double boiler for warming delicate foods or melting chocolate.

Stack cooking: For stack cooking, use an inverted Dome on the respective sized unit. Then place a smaller unit that has already been preheated on top of this. Cooking this way saves electricity used by your stove by utilising only one stove plate. This is a great space saver on a small stovetop too, making it possible to cook two different foods on one stove plate.

Stack cooking works as follows:

  1. Heat the larger cookware (that will serve as base unit) over a medium temperature until the first red area on the Visiotherm®. At the same time, preheat the second, smaller unit with food in it, that will be placed on top.
  2. Remove the lid on the base unit and brown or fry the food to be cooked in it, then cover with Dome.
  3. Now place the preheated smaller unit on top of the Dome. The heat from the bottom and preheated unit will heat up the Dome quickly, and will stay heated for the duration of the cooking process. In this way you could cook a stew or casserole in the bottom unit while steaming greens or cooking rice on top. cooking rice on top. two different foods on one stove plate.


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Diameter 24cm