Host a group or institutional demonstration

3 July 2019 / Posted in AMC Consultants
Hosting a Group or Institutional Demonstration

As we always say, the best way to sell our cookware is by allowing a customer to experience an AMC demonstration. At a demonstration you will be able to show them how to cook waterless and fat free and let them taste the results. Use the time you have with them to discuss the quality of your cookware, how easy it is to use and even how easy it is to clean.

Here are some guidelines to ensure your group host or institution receives their free gift:  

  •  An AMC Consultant can offer the contact person (principal, manager) the gift – An AMC 16 cm Gourmet Low, when there are 10 or more members present at the demonstration.
  • The attendee’s details are to be completed by the contact person on the Group Demonstration Gift Form. This will be provided by an AMC Consultant. The contact person needs to ensure that AMC receives the Group Demonstration Form.
  • The contact person and the institution/organisation details need to be entered onto the Group Demonstration Gift Form together with the telephone numbers of each delegate attending. If there are less than 10 delegates present at the demonstration, the gift unfortunately will not be issued.
  • This gift is not available for private demonstrations. This gift is only available to institutions, businesses, hospitals, sports clubs etc.
  • All delegates or guests needs to be 18 years or older. 
  • The Group Demonstration Gift Form (white copy) must reach AMC Cookware within 30 days after the demonstration. Scan and email to:, post to: AMC Cookware, P.O Box 24600, Lansdowne, 7779 or hand in at nearest AMC Sales Centres.
  • The Host will receive a sms confirming receipt of the Group Demonstration Form and that their gift is on its way to them.
  • The Company’s decision is final. 

A host can hold as many demonstrations as they wish to qualify for the gift, but the same guests will only count once in a 12 month period from the date of the first demonstration attended. 

Hosts can use their free gift to generate funds at their schools, institution or hospital. Some schools are able to raise a substantial amount of money by using the gift as a prize in a raffle.