Perfect boiled eggs

2 September 2015 / Posted in AMC Products Be FoodWise

You know how you like your boiled eggs right? In some homes getting this right consistently can really be a hit or miss. So how do you ensure a perfectly boiled egg every time? Simply keep a check on the time.

Basic method

  1. Place eggs in an AMC 16 cm Gourmet Low or 20 cm Gourmet Low and cover with tap water. 
  2. Heat over a medium temperature until the water starts to simmer. Now measure the cooking time from this moment. You don't need to turn the heat up, a gentle simmer is all that is needed. 
  3. Remove cooked eggs from cookware and place in cold water immediately. Lightly crack shells and peel. 

Cooking times:

  • Boiled for 3 - 4 minutes: Soft yolk and white.
  • Boiled for 7 - 8 minutes: Soft yolk and harder white.
  • Boiled for 10 - 12 minutes: Hard-boiled yolk and white

Quick tip:

  • If boiling many eggs, place eggs in an wire basket that fits in your cookware. This makes it easier to lift eggs from the cookware and place in cool water.