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Versatility of AMC cookware

29 March 2021 / Posted in AMC Products

There are many features and benefits of cooking in AMC cookware. As a result of some of the design features, our cookware is also versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.

The Lid

AMC lids can be fitted between the handle and cookware when lifting the lid to stir your food - an easy way to keep your counters clear and free of drips. You can also invert the lid and use it as a steady base for your cookware, perfect to serve from while keeping your food warm. And all lids can be used interchangeably on cookware of the same diameter. So if you have a 30 cm Paella, you can use the domed Paella lid on your 30 cm Fry Pan.

Dome & Seal

Dome & Seal

If you have a 20 or 24 cm Dome & Seal, it does not need to be used only for storing food. You can also use it to double boil, increase capacity in your cookware or for stack cooking.

Double Boiler

Gently heat ingredients or melt chocolate with a 20 cm or 24 cm Dome inside the respective sized cookware. The Dome fits snug and transfers the heat well.

Increased Capacity

Increase your cookware capacity by using an inverted Dome and sucker knob on top of the respective sized AMC cookware. This is ideal when pot-roasting a whole chicken or joint of meat that is a little too large to fit under the regular AMC lid.

Stack Cooking

If your stove space is too small or a little crowded with cookware, try stack cooking! By inverting the same sized Dome on your cookware, you can place a smaller diameter cookware on top. (e.g. 20 cm Low with 20 cm Dome and 16 cm High on top.) Use this to gently continue cooking the food in the top unit, or to keep the food and cookware warm while waiting to serve.


The 20 cm AMC Grater can be popped into a 20 cm Dome for easy grating of food. Or place in your 20 cm High or 20 cm Low to steam your veg, or to create a second layer of cooking. Boil potatoes for mash in the cookware and steam green veg on top in the grater.


The AMC 24 cm Steamer fits perfectly into your 24 cm AMC cookware. While cooking your meal in your cookware, use the steamer for your vegetables on top - allowing you to cook two things at the same time. This saves on electricity usage of your stove, and also ensures a gentle cooking process.