Red Visiotherm®

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Add some colour to your kitchen with the new range of Visiotherm® colours. The Red Visiotherm® has a built in thermometer essential to cooking the AMC way. Heat resistant and with a built in themometer it enables you to easily cook at low to medium temperatures, retaining more flavour and nutrients in your food and helping you prepare healthier meals.

The general guidelines to use the Visiotherm® are:

  • Heat an empty unit with lid on over a medium temperature until the gold indicator on the Visiotherm® reaches the first red area. It is now ideal to start sautéing vegetables or browning meat, usually without the addition of oil or fats.
  • To continue the cooking process after frying or sautéing, cover with lid and reduce heat to lowest setting for the rest of the cooking time.
  • For cooking waterless vegetables or cooking grains, place dripping wet veg or grains with water in cold unit, cover with lid and heat over medium temperature until Visiotherm® reaches first red area. Reduce heat to lowest setting for remainder of cooking time.