Speedcooker Sealing Ring

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The Speedcooker Sealing Ring fits into the rim of the Speedcooker® lid and forms a pressure tight seal during the cooking process.It plays an essential role in the proper functioning of your AMC Speedcooker®. 

Over time and with use your Sealing Ring can become damaged and brittle and cause your Speedcooker® to leak water, release excessive steam or not seal and build pressure correctly. We strongly advise that you replace your Speedcooker Sealing Ring once a year. The Sealing Ring fits in both the 6 and 8 Litre Speedcooker® as well as the 8 Litre Electrospeed®. 

Please note: This Speedcooker Sealing Ring can only be used with the previous AMC Speedcookers, the 4 litre, 6 litre or 8 litre as well as the current AMC 8L Electrospeed®. It cannot be used with the current AMC 8L Speedcooker II. Please ensure you are purchasing the correct Sealing Ring.