40 cm Electroroast

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This large roaster has a powerful element that maintains a constant temperature, no matter how much food you prepare in it. It's ideal for roasting very large cuts of meat, or roasting more than one cut of meat at a time. Four whole chickens can be made with ease in this roaster, with space to spare for veggies. Also perfect for large quantities of sautéing or frying due to the size of the base, or use it for bulk cooking of stews, casseroles and one dish meals.

  • Electrified unit.
  • Lifetime guarantee on cookware
  • 2 year guarantee on handles, Visiotherm®, Element & Probe.
  • All parts of AMC Electrified cookware are replaceable.
  • Saves on electricity costs.
  • The 40 cm Electroroast® can be ordered with your choice of Visiotherm® colour. If no colour is selected, your order will be shipped with the classic black Visiotherm®. 
  • Height: 11.5 cm | Capacity: 14.75 litres


Normal cooking temperature is between medium to high. The highest setting has a maximum of 2500 watts. 

Product Features
Diameter 40cm
Capacity More than 7L
Height High
Classic/Gourmet Classic
Colour Range Colour
Classification Casserole
Contains Electrified Electrified
Service Size Indicators
  • 4 whole chicken(s)