20 cm Gourmet Super High

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The 20 cm Gourmet Super High will probably be used almost daily in a home with 4-6 people. Prepare moderate amounts of soup, boil a small amount of pasta, or easily cook 8 large potatoes to prepare a potato salad.  With stainless steel handles, you can cook on the stove then remove the lid and place it in the oven to grill or finish off a meal.

  • The 20 cm Gourmet Super High can be ordered with any choice of the colour Visiotherm®s. If no colour is selected, your order will be shipped with the classic black Visiotherm®.
  • Lifetime guarantee on cookware
  • Induction friendly.
  • 2 year guarantee on handles and Visiotherm®.
  • With stainless steel handles this unit can be used to cook in the oven, without the lid.
  • Height: 11 cm | Capacity: 3.6 litres


Product Features
Diameter 20cm
Capacity 3L - 7L
Height Medium
Classic/Gourmet Gourmet
Colour Range Colour
Classification Saucepan
Contains Electrified Non-Electrified
Service Size Indicators
  • 3 cup(s) of rice

  • 3 portion(s) of pap