4 Litre Speedcooker II

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Speed, convenience and safety are what makes the AMC Speedcooker® II an essential cooking tool in the home. Equipped with 3 safety features, this pressure cooker is designed to save time and effort, as well as  reduce the amount of electricity used during cooking. When used correctly, the Speedcooker® II can easily cut cooking times by up to two-thirds.

The 4 Litre Speedcooker® II is ideal when you're pressed for time and need to cook meals in minutes. A chicken curry only needs to cook under pressure for 10 minutes. Samp and beans can be cooked unsoaked, under pressure for 45 minutes.

2 year guarantee on handles and lid handle.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Height: 11 cm | Capacity: 4 litres

3 Safety features:

  1. Pressure Setting Valve: Allows you to set the desired level of pressure (high or low) for preparing various foods. It releases pressure rapidly through the steam outlet in the case of an excessive pressure build-up.
  2. Red Pressure Valve: Positioned on the short handle of the lid, this valve ensures the lid is fitted properly and will let out excess air when the pressure is too high inside the unit.
  3. Sealing Ring and Safety Cut Out Space: If an excessive amount of pressure should continue to build up in the unit, the sealing ring inside the lid will automatically pop through the cut out space of the lid, releasing the pressure.
Product Features
Capacity 3L - 7L
Colour Range No Colour
Contains Electrified Non-Electrified