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AMC Electrified units include roasting pots and pans, an electrified Speedcooker and the AMC Urn. Our electrified cookware is ideal if your stove is not big enough, or if you want to cook in a venue that is not your kitchen. Simply plug in, turn the AMC Probe to your preferred heat and cook. All of our electrified cookware is for sale online and delivered to you.

24 cm Electroroast®
R5613 Was R5909
3,2 litre
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Amc Urn
R5822 Was R6469
8 litre
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30 cm Electric Frying Pan
R8756 Was R9729
4,8 litre
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40 cm Electroroast
R9314 Was R10349
14,75 litre
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40 cm Magnum
R10061 Was R11179
28 litre
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