30 cm Electric Frying Pan

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Electric Frying Pan

The AMC 30 cm Electric Frying Pan brings some welcomed versatility to your kitchen, making it one of our most popular products! This electrified pan offers much-needed flexibility in and outside the kitchen, giving you the means to prepare amazing dishes and efficiently organise your cooking space.

Benefits of an AMC 30 cm Electric Frying Pan

  • Versatile: Cook an extensive range of dishes in this electrified pan. Use it to roast, bake, steam, braise, stew, poach, saute and fry. Our electric pan is perfectly suited to preparing everything from roasts to stir-fries and casseroles to pilaffs.
  • Portable: Your electrified pan is totally portable, allowing you to set it up in the dining room for reheating food, moving it around the kitchen as needed, or bringing it along for catering events or get-togethers with friends.
  • Economical: This 30cm Electric Frying Pan has a capacity of 4.6 litres, allowing you to prepare sizable meals for the whole family in just one cooking session. No matter the number of ingredients, the temperature of the pan is steadily maintained.
  • Energy Saving: AMC's electrified cookware are renowned for their energy-saving potential, using less electricity than conventional cookware.
  • Guarantee: For your peace of mind, our 30 cm Electric Frying Pan comes with a lifetime guarantee and a 2-year guarantee on spares.


 Normal cooking temperature is between medium to high. On the highest heat setting, the 30 cm Electic Frying Pan will draw 1500 watts.

Product Features
Diameter 30cm
Capacity 3L - 7L
Height Medium
Classic/Gourmet Gourmet
Colour Range Colour
Classification Frying Pan
Contains Electrified Electrified
Service Size Indicators
  • 1 whole chicken(s)

  • 3 cup(s) of rice