50th Birthday Promotions

26 July 2018 / Posted in AMC Products
50th Birthday Promotions

In celebration of our 50th birthday this year, we have been creating exciting combinations of cookware each month with amazing discounts and free gifts. For our August birthday special, purchase any of the 50th Birthday Combinations Cash, on Credit or Interest Free Credit and receive a 20% discount. Purchase any of them on Pricesaver and receive a 15% discount. View our August birthday specials below.

Cash and Credit Card orders can be placed online. All Credit, Interest Free Credit and PriceSaver Orders are only available via an AMC Consultant. 

Promotion valid until 6 September 2018.

3 AMC Champions

Our 3 AMC Champions

These 3 popular individual units are on special this month. 

30 cm Electric Frying Pan - Use to roast, bake, steam, braise, stew, poach, sauté or fry food. 
40 cm Electroroast® - Perfect for roasting very large cuts of meat, or roasting more than one cut of meat at a time.
40 cm Magnum - This 28 litre electrical unit is ideal for catering purposes or large family gatherings. 

50th Birthday Promotion VIII, a stainless steel set with apron

50th Birthday Combo VIII

The 50th Birthday Combo VIII is a great set of cookware for families of 6-8 that often share home cooked meals. This combination consists of 6 essential pots and pans in varying sizes. It includes three saucepans, one frying pan with a dome lid for added versatility, a casserole and stockpot for all your soups and stews as well as an AMC Apron.

50th Birthday Combo IX

50th Birthday Combo IX

The 50th Birthday Combo IX is a great set of cookware for the growing family. Each component adds value to your cooking experience, and is likely to be used daily.

Purchase this set of cookware now and receive six fantastic free gifts – an AMC Cook’s Book, AMC Flux Induction Cooker, Kettle, 38 Piece Impression Cutlery Set, AMC Edge Knife Set and a Magnetic wall strip for the knives.

50th Birthday Combo X

50th Birthday Combo X

The 50th Birthday Combo X is an excellent set of cookware to kit out a newly married couple’s kitchen, or as a first time AMC purchase.

Purchase this set of cookware now and receive seven fantastic free gifts - an AMC Cook’s Book, 24 cm Steamer, 24 cm & 30 cm Salad Bowls, AMC Edge Knife Set, a Magnetic wall strip for the knives and an AMC Knife Sharpener.


You can also find some previous Birthday Combos and our other Sets and Combinations on promotion here.