AMC Consultant FAQ

How do I get started?
Simple! Either fill in our online consultant form or attend a training session or an opportunity meeting at your nearest Consultant Centre.  After attending, you can register for free as an AMC consultant. Your manager will provide training, answer your questions and help you to get started. 

Who do I sell to?
Start with people you know like family, friends, colleagues and neighbours and book demonstrations with them. Referrals and more business will follow from there!

How much can I earn?
You earn commission by selling AMC and by introducing new people to our business. Commission is paid on order value, though there is no limit, and extra bonuses and incentives will make you earn more! Learn more about commission at the next opportunity meeting.

But I am not a sales person!
So many of our most successful consultants have said this, but as they gained experience along the way and with dedicated support and training from our managers and co-consultants - their confidence and income have grown in bounds! Read some sales stories here.

What kind of incentives does AMC offer?
Our incentive prizes range from local travel trips to exciting international destinations, from big cash bonuses to mystery lucky draw prizes, and monthly performance incentives that are sure to get you motivated. Incentives change from year to year, so make sure you’re part of the action!

Want more information on our terms & conditions?
Download our independent contract agreement below.