Meet your AMC Consultants

We asked a few of our consultants about their highlights of 2023, plans for 2024, what they’re looking forward to at Wild Coast and more.


What are your goals for 2024? 

My goal for 2024 is to have my 2001 Toyota Corolla revamped inside and out. To travel to Yemen, Mecca, Medina, Mauritius and hopefully Manchester. And, lastly, to remain debt-free. I plan to keep my catalogue with me at all times, everyone you speak to is a potential customer!


What has been your highlight for 2023?

AMC was a big part of my highlights this year. I worked hard in 2023 and it was wonderful to know that with AMC I was making my customer’s kitchens look beautiful. I was also very grateful to earn money through my sales. The money was a real help given the current high cost of living.


What are you looking forward to the most at Wild Coast?

There is a lot I am looking forward to! I cannot wait to enjoy the largest waterpark in South Africa, to see the beautiful beaches and to relax in nature. I hope to take part in some water sports and a nice walk on the beach. Wild Coast is such a beautiful place, I am really looking forward to seeing it and exploring all it has to offer.


What drove you to win the suitcase incentive?

The moment I laid eyes on that suitcase, I knew I had to have it! I provide all my new recruits with a demo right in the comfort of their own homes. What could be a more fitting way to transport my demo kit than in an AMC branded suitcase? I am delighted to have won it and I know that it will serve me well on my AMC journey.