Zanele Shwane

Zanele Shwane recently joined AMC in November 2019, and is already achieving what she set out to do. Read her story:

Zanele Shwane - AMC Consultant

My daughter was planning to start university in January 2020 and I was worried. I needed to make extra money so that I could ensure she would be able to register. I had been interested in purchasing AMC Cookware for myself, and decided to grab the opportunity when I learned that I could also sell the cookware to make an extra income.  So in November 2019, I joined AMC. Since then, my life has certainly changed. Within my first 4 months in the business, I earned R40 000 and was able to use this extra income for school fees and home renovations. AMC has made a positive impact and changed my life for the better!

Some highlights have been becoming my own boss - I work in my own time and at my own pace and manage my time wisely. This means having more time with my family, which has been invaluable.

My advice? Don’t think about it, join now for a better life.